Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Pandora Bracelet Review

 Pandora Bracelet Review 

Charm on Website 
Hey everyone just wanted to do a quick review on this new pandora bracelet I received a week ago.
My Bracelet 

Since I put it on I haven't removed it. I managed to separate myself and the bracelet to take a quick picture of it for you all. Its so easy to pair with any kind of outfit because its black and has a simple style to it. the braided detail doesn't show up that much but once you notice it, it adds a little edgy vibe in your look.

Pandora Bracelet on website 
I'd recommend the silver charms because then it makes it a lot easier to pair with in outfits making the bracelet available for an everyday look. That way you can easily add another bracelet to your look or rings and it wont look too busy mixing tones, if the majority of your other rings and bracelets are silver that is. If not then go for it! Gold isn't really what I usually wear so I avoid investing in pieces such as this one in the metal, because I know I won't get the same use out of it as I would it were silver.

Thought I would add another picture incase you couldn't see very clearly what the bracelet looks like in the picture I took.
 Heres a few links incase any of you guys are interested 

Bracelet - http://www.pandora.net/es-es/explore/products/bracelets#!590705CDB-D
Charm -   http://www.pandora.net/es-es/explore/inspiration/create-combine/bracelet-designer?itemnumberid=791190

Monday, 17 November 2014

Gift Ideas For Boyfriends and Husbands

Personalised bottle of wine 

This website allows you to order a red wine with a personalised message for the recipient. It would be a perfect present for the wine drinkers but with something special rather than just a store bought wine. http://www.prezzybox.com/personalised-bottle-of-red-wine.aspx                                                      £14.95 

 Self Stirring mug 

For the coffee or tea drinkers that are always complaining about the heat of their beverages!


 Personalised Cufflinks 

For the businessmen that are always in a suit and tie! A little bit of personalisation added to an everyday object allows for a cute gift that he will use all year round.      £16 http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/highlandangel/product/personalised-initial-cufflinks

Hand Made Leather Camera Strap

For the photographers this christmas will appreciate a homemade quality strap that they can use when ever they go out to take photos as it won't wear badly.  £ 41

Scratch Off Travel Map 

For the avid travellers, this map allows for a cute way to keep up with all the places your partner visits.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Music Picks Of The Month

Thought I'd share what I'd been listening to this month with you guys

The first two are from the new Ed Sheeran Album X

The Third is the new single from One Republic 

Fourthly Ariana Grande's amazing new break up song 

Finally the all too well known Sam Smith Ballad 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

4 Looks with High Waisted Shorts

First Look - Dots in Crew Neck 

 Shorts - Bershka
Shirt - Zara
Shoes - Primark
Sunglasses - Topshop

Look Two - Nordic Stripe Look 

 Shorts - Bershka
Shirt - Zara

Third Look - Kimono Kisses 

 Kimono - Forever 21
Shorts - Zara
Shirt - Topshop
Necklace - Juicy Couture

Fourth Look - Muscle Tee's For Me 

 Shirt - H&M
Shorts - Zara

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Disaster

So this product immediately caught my eye when I first saw it. Its the most beautiful turquoise I have ever seen and I just had to have it on my nails at that very moment

In all fairness this product apply's nicely and smoothly with no bumps or clumpy bits. Its very much true to colour and looks great on the nails when its been freshly applied. So for a while I had absolutely no problem with this product. It's staying power was nice with little to no chipping after its first week of being applied to the nails. It was when it came to taking off the nail varnish with my regular nail varnish remover, that the problems began. 

As you can see below the nail varnish completely stained my nails with the colour making them go a vile greeny/ yellow color that I have yet to figure out how to remove.

I have decided to hide my nails from the population from further notice by applying a nail varnish over the top to hide all that stain. I also noticed after a while that the polish had not only stained my nails but it had also made them extremely dry and weak. I cannot review this product more poorly.

I have been a fan of Maybelline's products and I'm extremely disappointed in this situation I'm in. I will be thinking twice about purchasing any products from this brand again and be staying away from their nail varnishes entirely! 

Please comment telling me if you have had the same situation occur to you or anything similar so I can find out if its the products line or just a faulty defected product I obtained. Thank you for reading! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Review of the Perks of Being a Wallflower

   Review of the Perks of Being a Wallflower 

I finally got round to reading the most talked about book of 2014, as I promised myself I wouldn't watch the movie before I read the book to make a better comparison. In all honesty I was expecting this book to be about a teen who managed to get in with a popular group of people at school and become absorbed in it until something dreadful happens as most teen novels project this idea. 

However I'm extremely pleased to say this book is FAR from the ordinary melodramatic teen novel. This book deals with not just the average high school issues that young teens face but talks about issues such as mental illness, pregnancy, self worth, loss of loved ones and discovering ones self all in ONE novel. 

Chbosky highlights all these problems through the first person perspective of Charlie, a socially awkward young teen entering his freshman year of high school. The plot gradually builds up from the beginning until we are clouded by all these issues that are given to us so point blank with no solution we begin to feel angry that Charlie is accepting all this. Even stranger too is his behaviour, of which the author justifies, develops the character of Charlie, in my eyes beautifully. 

The authors has gone as far to alter his writing from the beginning when Charlie hasn't much in the way of literary talent into easily read literature as Charlie develops his skills from his English teacher who takes a personal interest into Charlie. Because of this I am not surprised this book is so very critically acclaimed and has a die hard following. 

Finally I implore that anyone who has had any thoughts of reading this book to do so. It made me think further into my high school experience and the people surrounding me. I can't wait to see the film and I hope it lives up to the novel. 

Message me below on your thoughts on either book or film!!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Battle of the Beauty Balms

Battle of the Beauty Balms: Revlon vs Bourjois

 Bourjois Color Boost in 02 Fuchia Libre 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lipstain in 005 Crush 



- Easy to apply (practically slides on)                                                                                                        
- Extremely moisturising as it has the idea of lipstain and lipbalm fused into one and has a gloss finish
- Vibrate colour on lips                                                                
- Faint underpowereing scent so will be less likely to give you a headache                                  
- Unfortunate bad colour pay off as I had to apply various coats to obtain a good colour                        - Not the 10 hour staying power it promises (I'd give it an hour at most)   



- Tougher to apply onto lips than the Bourjois                                                                                           - Not very moisturising and lips become slightly dry after a while of using the product
- Nice colour on lips as on the container
- Powerful minty smell that could be overpowering however you can't smell it after you apply
- Much better colour pay off than the Bourjois and I only needed 2 coats of the product to obtain a full effect 
- Much better staying power I would say it could probably hold on for 7 to 8 hours including eating and drinking 


Overall winner = Revlon 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Beauty Favourites 2014

Summer Beauty Favourites 

 Skin Top Picks for this summer 

Benefits Hoola Bronzer - Because of the extra sun and extra tanning time available my skin colour has darkened by a large margin. For me personally, I have to use a darker bronzer to contour effectively and this Benefit bronzer fits the bill due to the fact its one of the more darker bronzers on the market. I usually can't use this product in the colder months of the year as I find it WAY too dark that my face looks slightly strange and unnatural. However in the summer months I'm able to break it out and this summer I haven't been able to go out without it. You can see how much I've used it by the mucky cover I'm not too proud of.

 Benefit Porefessional - This base is one of my favourites as I have a tendency to forget to put my foundation in my bag and later realise my makeup is sliding off due to the summer heat. It tightens my pores and allows for my skin to appear almost flawless. With this base my makeup tends to stay on most of the day which is extremely helpful in the long hot summer days.

Garner BB Cream Skin Perfecter - BB Creams are a must for summer as they are lightweight, easy to use and adaptable to your skin colour as it changes in the sun. This BB cream in particular is super easy to apply and feels as though you aren't even wearing makeup! I've used this product so much this season I'm going to have to re purchase quickly. This product is so easily found in stores it seems to be a staple basic for a new teen getting into makeup who doesn't want to cake it on!

Lip Pick for this summer

Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in 210 - Unapologetic 

Matte Lipsticks have become very in season recently due to the massive trend of matte everything! So in coherence to everyones love of matte nails, matte cars, matte clothing.. etc everyone has fallen in love with the trend of matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks usually begin to feel drying once the product has been on the lips for an extended period of time and may even cause them to crack slightly. This can be extremely annoying on long nights out when a lip balm isn't at hand. This product helps the drying factor and at the start of wearing the product felt quiet moisturising and only became slightly drying towards the end of the night. Because this lip product is more of a lipstain balm its perfect for long, sweaty nights when the need to re-apply isn't the main priority. My only slight problem with these lipstains is that they aren't true to colour as the packaging suggests making for choosing the right shade a guessing game.

Cheek Top Pick for this summer 

Benefit's famous Benetint - After only having a small sample size as you can see since last week I am definitely going to make a repurchase. This product allows for a slight flush of the cheeks and again feels as though you aren't even wearing makeup because its in a liquid form. Its so simple and easy to build up you can choose the deepness of blush you want simply.

Nail Top Pick for this summer

O.P.I Nail Lacquer  in Ate Berries In The Canaries 

I love OPI Nail Varnishes they have the cutest names and have bigger brushes than usual making it speedier to apply. The colours in the summer collections are always fun and vibrate especially this one. Its a classic pink/ purple that looks pink in the day time and a lot more of a dark purple at night when there is no natural light. I was very intrigued with this nail polish due to this and it has become my most worn of the summer. 

Eye Top Pick for this summer 

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet 

This pallet has the nicest shades for the summer due to the light, bright and sparkly nature of the pallet. My favourite shades for this season have been these five. They all work well together and make for a pretty eye colour. Limit makes for a good base eyeshadow with Liar and Buzz as the crease and lid colour respectively. Trick makes for a brilliant inner corner colour and really manages to brighten the eye.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Benefit "They're Real" Mascara Review 

After heading the rave reviews for this product I had high hopes of this mascara. I have to admit that it lived up to the you tuber and blogger hype. After only two coats I managed to obtain this result to my right eyelashes. You can see this by the image below. 

It allows for extreme volumising and making my lashes separate effectively giving the impression of fuller eyelashes. 
My only issue with this product is that it isn't created for lengthening the lashes due to its volumising. To combat this problem I paired this product with L'oreals "Telescopic Mascara" as it has the opposite problem in that it does a brilliant job lengthening yet cannot volumise to the extent of the "They're real"

All in all I would give this product a 9/10 as it is probably one of the better mascaras I have tried this year. 

Here are some links for both the Benefits "They're real" mascara 

And the L'oreal "telescopic" mascara 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Dream Team -
 Pillow Spray and Stress Less Roller Ball

The first time using this product I was highly sceptical over the product idea that by using this I would sleep better or "stress less". I was drawn in however by its pretty designed packaging and other beauty gurus reviews on it. I quickly found out its good and bad points

I fell in love with the pillow spray and found it extremely effective. After two small spritz's I went into a deep slumber. The only problem was that in the morning I woke up feeling slightly drowsy and I am still unsure why. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a minor difficulty sleeping.

The stress less product on the other hand I wasn't as impressed with. I was hoping it would help my stress levels decrease as promised on the product yet I wasn't even sure how to apply it!! Never the less I managed to inhale it. I didn't feel as relaxed as hoped I assume the idea behind this is for the consumer to breathe easier thus feeling calmer. This didn't exactly work for me but I could be a different case. If anyone else had a different experience please leave it in the comment section!!

Here's a link incase anyone is interested in the product : http://uk.spacenk.com/dream-team/MUK200011259.html