Monday, 17 November 2014

Gift Ideas For Boyfriends and Husbands

Personalised bottle of wine 

This website allows you to order a red wine with a personalised message for the recipient. It would be a perfect present for the wine drinkers but with something special rather than just a store bought wine.                                                      £14.95 

 Self Stirring mug 

For the coffee or tea drinkers that are always complaining about the heat of their beverages!

 Personalised Cufflinks 

For the businessmen that are always in a suit and tie! A little bit of personalisation added to an everyday object allows for a cute gift that he will use all year round.      £16

Hand Made Leather Camera Strap

For the photographers this christmas will appreciate a homemade quality strap that they can use when ever they go out to take photos as it won't wear badly.  £ 41

Scratch Off Travel Map 

For the avid travellers, this map allows for a cute way to keep up with all the places your partner visits.

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