Monday, 14 April 2014

Dream Team -
 Pillow Spray and Stress Less Roller Ball

The first time using this product I was highly sceptical over the product idea that by using this I would sleep better or "stress less". I was drawn in however by its pretty designed packaging and other beauty gurus reviews on it. I quickly found out its good and bad points

I fell in love with the pillow spray and found it extremely effective. After two small spritz's I went into a deep slumber. The only problem was that in the morning I woke up feeling slightly drowsy and I am still unsure why. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a minor difficulty sleeping.

The stress less product on the other hand I wasn't as impressed with. I was hoping it would help my stress levels decrease as promised on the product yet I wasn't even sure how to apply it!! Never the less I managed to inhale it. I didn't feel as relaxed as hoped I assume the idea behind this is for the consumer to breathe easier thus feeling calmer. This didn't exactly work for me but I could be a different case. If anyone else had a different experience please leave it in the comment section!!

Here's a link incase anyone is interested in the product :