Sunday, 9 February 2014

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Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Nail Polish Review 

This christmas I received, as a stocking filler, the mariah carey liquid sand collection. The name first threw me, as I couldn't understand why I could possibly want my nails to feel like sand.

When I first tried on the colour Baby please come home, the more silver glittery one of the three I was pleasantly surprised. The colour made my nails stand out from my skin tone. Then as it dried I realised what the company meant by "liquid sand'. My nails felt rough but not uncomfortably. On the first day I was especially impressed and boasted how much I liked the product.

As the next two days passed I changed in opinion  completely.The photo to the left shows how
much the polish had gone from my nails and I'm usually not prone to chipping. The sand feeling on my nails left over night and it felt like the polish was simply disintegrating  from my nails. And the colour was no longer as shiny and sparkly as it once was. Over all I have to give the product a 3/10 it could have scored a lot higher if it was better formulated .