Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Beauty Favourites 2014

Summer Beauty Favourites 

 Skin Top Picks for this summer 

Benefits Hoola Bronzer - Because of the extra sun and extra tanning time available my skin colour has darkened by a large margin. For me personally, I have to use a darker bronzer to contour effectively and this Benefit bronzer fits the bill due to the fact its one of the more darker bronzers on the market. I usually can't use this product in the colder months of the year as I find it WAY too dark that my face looks slightly strange and unnatural. However in the summer months I'm able to break it out and this summer I haven't been able to go out without it. You can see how much I've used it by the mucky cover I'm not too proud of.

 Benefit Porefessional - This base is one of my favourites as I have a tendency to forget to put my foundation in my bag and later realise my makeup is sliding off due to the summer heat. It tightens my pores and allows for my skin to appear almost flawless. With this base my makeup tends to stay on most of the day which is extremely helpful in the long hot summer days.

Garner BB Cream Skin Perfecter - BB Creams are a must for summer as they are lightweight, easy to use and adaptable to your skin colour as it changes in the sun. This BB cream in particular is super easy to apply and feels as though you aren't even wearing makeup! I've used this product so much this season I'm going to have to re purchase quickly. This product is so easily found in stores it seems to be a staple basic for a new teen getting into makeup who doesn't want to cake it on!

Lip Pick for this summer

Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in 210 - Unapologetic 

Matte Lipsticks have become very in season recently due to the massive trend of matte everything! So in coherence to everyones love of matte nails, matte cars, matte clothing.. etc everyone has fallen in love with the trend of matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks usually begin to feel drying once the product has been on the lips for an extended period of time and may even cause them to crack slightly. This can be extremely annoying on long nights out when a lip balm isn't at hand. This product helps the drying factor and at the start of wearing the product felt quiet moisturising and only became slightly drying towards the end of the night. Because this lip product is more of a lipstain balm its perfect for long, sweaty nights when the need to re-apply isn't the main priority. My only slight problem with these lipstains is that they aren't true to colour as the packaging suggests making for choosing the right shade a guessing game.

Cheek Top Pick for this summer 

Benefit's famous Benetint - After only having a small sample size as you can see since last week I am definitely going to make a repurchase. This product allows for a slight flush of the cheeks and again feels as though you aren't even wearing makeup because its in a liquid form. Its so simple and easy to build up you can choose the deepness of blush you want simply.

Nail Top Pick for this summer

O.P.I Nail Lacquer  in Ate Berries In The Canaries 

I love OPI Nail Varnishes they have the cutest names and have bigger brushes than usual making it speedier to apply. The colours in the summer collections are always fun and vibrate especially this one. Its a classic pink/ purple that looks pink in the day time and a lot more of a dark purple at night when there is no natural light. I was very intrigued with this nail polish due to this and it has become my most worn of the summer. 

Eye Top Pick for this summer 

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet 

This pallet has the nicest shades for the summer due to the light, bright and sparkly nature of the pallet. My favourite shades for this season have been these five. They all work well together and make for a pretty eye colour. Limit makes for a good base eyeshadow with Liar and Buzz as the crease and lid colour respectively. Trick makes for a brilliant inner corner colour and really manages to brighten the eye.


  1. Great picks! I wish they were selling the benefit hoola bronzer here, I've heard so many good things about it :( x

    1. They don't have a Sephora where you live! I thought they had dominated Europe already =') Love your blog x

  2. You use beautiful products! Want to purchase a Naked palette so badly but they don't sell it in my area, too bad! x

    1. You can get them online on sephora =) Heres the link They're such pretty colours for summer!